Tuesday, October 07, 2014

#772. The Next Generation cast recasts themselves

At the Destination 3 Star Trek con in London, the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation reunited.  (Read about some of that here.)

The bit I'm focusing on centers on some of the cast's ideas about who could step into their roles.  Some of them I like and others are off-kilter.  Here're the results:
via Trek Core
Jean-Luc Picard
originally portrayed by Patrick Stewart, who chose:
via The Guardian
Tom Hardy

Right off the bat we have a compelling situation here.  Hardy, of course, had his breakout role in Star Trek Nemesis as Shinzon, a clone of Picard.  It was the role that made me a fan of Hardy, but fans tend to hate the film and for everyone else it was the start of a long delay in Hardy's popular film career.  In 2014, Hardy's name means something completely different than it did in 2002.  Does that change anyone's mind about this casting?  Or was Stewart merely bucking what was even a trend among his castmates at the con in continuing to knock Nemesis more than a decade later?

via Bardfilm
originally portrayed by John De Lancie, who chose:
via Deadline
Sacha Baron Cohen

Truly inspired.  While better known for provoking audiences than starship captains, Cohen has become a reliable comedic presence in films as a costar, whether in Talladega Nights or Les Miserables.  Chances are Borat would prove a challenge even to Picard, though.

via Trek Core
originally portrayed by Brent Spiner, who chose:
via Daily Inspiration
Tilda Swinton

Leave it to Spiner to go with the most off-beat choice.  Swinton would redefine the role any number of ways (in some ways the Borg Queen's dream come true from First Contact!), and that's not a bad thing.
via the Geek Twins
Deanna Troi,
originally portrayed by Marina Sirtis, who chose:
via Marie Claire UK
Mila Kunis

Another one that would redefine the role, certainly, although Troi has often been targeted for criticism that Next Generation's original approach might be seen as increasingly dated.
via Trek Core
Beverly Crusher,
originally portrayed by Gates McFadden, who chose:
via Breitbart
Michelle Obama

via Technology Tell
Jessica Chastain

These are some interesting choices from McFadden.  The first could be interpreted any number of ways, the second casting about for a famous redheaded actress.  Chastain happens to be one of the finest actors working today.  Either way this would be bound to elevate Crusher's routinely low stature in the cast.
via Star Trek
Tasha Yar,
originally portrayed by Denise Crosby, who chose:
via Huffington Post
Charlize Theron

Another choice that seems to have been made for reasons that aren't necessarily reflected for anything but appearance.  But Theron would undoubtedly, like Obama or Chastain, greatly elevate an anemic character.
via Krypton Radio
Miles O'Brien,
originally portrayed by Colm Meaney, who chose:
via ABC News
Colin Farrell

Good man, Colm.  This would be awesome.


Pat Dilloway said...

I doubt Obama would do that. Some interesting choices.

Tony Laplume said...

She could wait a few decades and run for president like a certain other First Lady, though.


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