Friday, March 29, 2013

Direct Current Friday (#534)

  • I think Wednesday's post kind of proved why I don't talk about religion too much.  It just isn't relevant to a general discussion.  Although of course most of what I blog about isn't relevant to general discussions.  Still, happy to have done it.
  • Starting Monday is the 2013 A-to-Z Challenge, and I've finished mapping out my April.  Like last year I'll be doubling up.  Each day will feature two topics, in this instance both from my own fiction.  One will be from the Space Corps saga, and the other from the Yoshimi Trilogy, so hopefully theoretically interested readers will get a better understanding of both!
  • The icky buttermilk I mentioned last week?  I dumped some grape mix into it and will hopefully be able to finish the stuff.  
  • Icky Buttermilk would make a great name for a rock band.
  • One of my many spin-off blogs is called Hub City.  The title may not make it apparent, but it's my reader's blog.  The title comes from comic book character The Question's base of operations, and was at one point going to be the name of a bookstore I hoped to open.  (Incidentally, Austen Paradise is my underperforming attempt to still possibly finance such a dream, because I have no idea how else to do it.)  Anyway, one book that I just finished reading that I won't be talking about there is The Friedkin Connection, which is the memoir of director William Friedkin, who made The French Connection and The Exorcist among other films.  I generally only talk about the books from my Reading List, which is something I started talking about here at Scouring Monk and then used as the basis for Hub City, which is why I didn't talk about Pat Dilloway's A Hero's Journey or another such literature when I read it earlier this year (although every book I read is chronicled in the link that follows).  Generally there's a post about the book I'm about to read, and then a follow-up one about what I actually thought about it.  The preview more or less explains why I'm reading the book in the first place, why it ended up in my extensive backlog of books.  Anyway, The Friedkin Collection came from Good Reads, where I've been actively seeking out free books from its regular giveaways (mostly so I can get some free comics, but that hasn't worked out yet).  It reminds me of when I was working at Borders, which being a bookstore received lots of advance readers from publishers.  I still haven't read the majority of the books I picked up in those days, mostly because of that extensive backlog, which is the reason I have a Reading List.  
  • Getting back to April, as you may or may not have noticed, I have theme days here at Scouring Monk now, and at the moment I'm thinking I'll continue those throughout next month in addition to the Challenge, in separate posts.  Life & Theft Sunday naturally will be unaffected, since everyone gets that day off anyway.  And still no one will be reading my poetry!  Yay!
  • After Wednesday's episode of Modern Family, I think I'm officially Hooked For Life.  You know how it is.  Sometimes you watch a TV show and you figure out you'll be watching it forever.  Also, the unintended new catchphrase "Factor!" will be something I'll be saying from now on, too...


Maurice Mitchell said...

The challenge will be excellent Tony!

Tony Laplume said...

It should at least be fun!


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