Thursday, January 17, 2013

#514. Film Fan launches

As you may or may not recall, I developed an obsession with the website Flickchart last year.  Part of the reason why this happened is that I've been obsessed with ranking my favorite movies for years now.  The last time before Flickchart that I did so ended up being listed at my Fan Companion before I completely devoted it to Star Trek.

Flickchart flabbergasted me with the movies that initially ended up in the version of my top ten that ended up there when I was still using the site's basic comparative model to reach such conclusions.  It's not that I didn't like the movies that ended up there, but I had developed a pretty good sense of what my favorite movies were, and kept hoping Flickchart would help surface them to the top.  That didn't happen.  Eventually I moved them there myself.  Still, I discovered some time later that the resulting list (around 1,400 films) still did not meet my satisfaction.  But the good news was that it allowed me a new way to look at what I truly valued and how films really compared.

Much like a lot of critics, I settled on a star rating and started to work from there, using the basic Flickchart outline as a basis.  Soon I came across movies that really weren't where they ought to be in this rating system.  I started shifting around.  It became far easier to shift around by creating separate lists by rating.  That was when I finally broke away from the central list concept that I had been using for years.

As you might guess from the many other blogs I currently maintain (this is not even to say that I have not yet officially acknowledged here the nascent Survivor page, Your Torched Will Be Snuffed), all this is leading to the announcement of another blog.  Yay!

Well, now there's Film Fan.  Much like at Star Trek Fan Companion, I will be spending my time writing about individual films.  At STFC, I'm currently in the midst of writing about each episode of the Star Trek franchise.  Film Fan will feature my thoughts on each of the films that ended up on my Flickchart, and any others as they occur to me.  As you can imagine, I have plenty of material. If you like films, hopefully you'll love this blog.


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

Am I supposed to use Google+ to follow that? I never do anything with my Google+ account.

MOCK! said...

I'm in!

Tony Laplume said...

Pat, I was looking for a general Follow button in my list of add-ons. I may have overlooked it, but Google may also be expecting people to be using Google+ for that at this point. I don't always read my Google+ feed myself, and I don't know that it adds significant traffic to my material, but there you are.

Mock! When I went to add your blog to the list for Film Fan, I discovered that I'm still listing you as Stay On Target...But you're the origin of my Flickchart obsession, so for now that's how you will be referenced! You must be referenced!


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