Saturday, September 15, 2012

#457. 2012 Fall TV Season


Once Upon a Time (ABC; returns 9/30)
I only ended up watching a handful of episodes last season, but it's amusing enough to keep an eye on.  This season everyone knows that they're fairy tale characters, past and present.  Still features excellent actors like Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison, plus Emilie de Ravin becoming a regular, so arguably the strongest female cast presence since Desperate Housewives, which was also a Sunday staple.

The Simpsons (FOX; 9/30)
I'll always try to catch it, even though my batting average lately has been lousy.

666 Park Avenue (ABC; premieres 9/30)
Stars Terry O'Quinn (John Locke on Lost) alongside Vanessa Williams, so I will at least have to check it out.


How I Met Your Mother (CBS; 9/24)
One of my all-time favorites, so of course I'll be tuning in again.  There's a chance this will be the final season,  but we're inevitably closer than ever to answering the riddle of the title.

Revolution (NBC; premieres 9/17)
Another show from JJ Abrams, and looks to be trying for the Hunger Games crowd.  NBC has a lousy track record with genre shows, meaning it's a safe bet to count on a single season.  But that season should be interesting!


The Mindy Project (FOX; premieres 9/25)
Mindy Kaling already seemed like she was in her own show on The Office.  This just makes it official.

NCIS (CBS; 9/25)
After regularly watching it with my sister last season, I will probably pop in for some visits, see how the agents are doing, if Ducky recovers from his heart attack well.

Raising Hope (FOX; 10/2)
I caught maybe one episode last season, so I'll try to remedy that with its third season.  Was easily one of my favorite new shows two seasons ago.

Ben and Kate (FOX; premieres 9/25)
A show about a brother and sister is something I'm up for, considering a lot of my life has been defined by my relationship with my sister.

Go On (NBC; premiered 9/11)
The new Matthew Perry show looks like it has potential, some good casting, and maybe the right amount of absurdity.

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS; 9/25)
C'mon, who doesn't want to know if the evil Comescu clan will menace the other NCIS agents again?

New Girl (FOX; 9/25)
Didn't get to see too many episodes last season, but I adore Zooey Deschanel, so of course I'll be watching when I can.

Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23 (ABC; 10/23)
Haven't caught an episode yet, but James van Der Beek seems to have settled nicely into subverting his previous image, so I will probably watch one at some point.

Private Practice (ABC; 9/25)
It's odd that Kate Walsh will be walking away from the show after this season, because she's the reason it exists in the first place, but in a lot of ways, the ensemble around her has been at least as important as her since the start.  If the show lasts beyond that, it'll be fine.

Vegas (CBS; premieres 9/25)
Please, Dennis Quaid and Carrie-Anne Moss in a TV series, plus the always-welcome Michael Chiklis?  I'm so there.


Arrow (CW; premieres 10/10)
Based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow, so I have an obligation to be at least interested.

Survivor: Philippines (CBS; 9/19)
The 25th season of one of my favorite shows features three returning players (welcome back Mike "Burn My Hands" Skupin, Jonathan "A MILLION Dollars" Penner, and Russell "Not Hantz" Swan!), and hopefully Jeff Probst (who's also just launched a daytime talk show) being more typically invested than last time.

Criminal Minds (CBS; 9/26)
Another show my sister got me watching; I will probably pop in on occasion.

Modern Family (ABC; 9/26)
I didn't see any episodes last season, so I'll try to remedy that.

Supernatural (CW; 10/3)
I'm always trying to catch this show, and so I'll continue trying this season.

Suburgatory (ABC; 10/17)
Didn't catch any episodes from its debut season, so I'll try to remedy this one.

CSI (CBS; 9/26)
Last season's explosive finale made me instantly interested in the long-running show's next batch of episodes.  A rare series that has finally managed to successfully replace iconic characters.


Elementary (CBS; premieres 9/27)
Sherlock Holmes, Johnny Lee Miller, and Lucy Liu.  For me, that's more than enough.

The Big Bang Theory (CBS; 9/27)
Got to remain true to another favorite.

The Vampire Diaries (CW; 10/11)
Another show I've tried to catch, and will try again this season.

Two and a Half Men (CBS; 9/27)
Will continue to pop in for a visit.

Up All Night (NBC; 9/20)
Another show where I missed the whole first season, and so will try to make up for that this one.

Beauty and the Beast (CW; premieres 10/11)
Kristin Kreuk will get me to watch at least once.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC; 9/27)
I'm pretty sure my reasons for watching ended a few seasons ago, but I might still stop by for a visit.

Person of Interest (CBS; 9/27)
Last season's best new show will have me watching again.

Last Resort (ABC; premieres 9/27)
The new season's most intriguing new show involves an unlikely mutiny and dozens of questions on how it's going to last in an ongoing format.


Fringe (FOX; 9/28)
The final season of one of my favorite shows.

Last Man Standing (ABC; 11/2)
Didn't get to see too many episodes last season, so watching again will be like sampling all over again.

Touch (FOX; 10/26)
One of the more ambitious TV shows, hopefully something I get to catch to figure out if it works.

Community (NBC; 10/19)
Brilliant show I caught embarrassingly few episodes of last season, so of course I'll try to improve on that.

Nikita (CW; 10/19)
Another show I'm always trying to catch.

Blue Bloods (CBS; 9/28)
A favorite I will continue to watch.


Saturday Night Live (NBC; 9/15)
About the same batting average as The Simpsons, but I'm always trying.

Now, who knows what i'm actually going to watch?  I may try to keep you posted!


PT Dilloway, Superhero Author said...

I never missed a Simpsons episode from about 94 to last year. I just remember seeing the episode description of Selma getting married AGAIN and thought, "If you aren't going to try hard to write this show anymore than I'm not going to try hard to watch it."

The sad thing is the show has been on so long that kids today have probably never seen the Golden Age from the mid-late 90s.

Tony Laplume said...

Well, it's always in reruns, so it's not like they don't have the opportunity.

Part of what it remains is a show that can subtly reinvent itself, and I'm not sure a lot of fans appreciate that. South Park remains the same. Family Guy remains the same. But The Simpsons has been changing since the start. It's still basically the same, but the humor undergoes a shift every few seasons.

Futurama seems to be the same way.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Thanks for the overview Tony. Now I can plan my week. The only new shows I'm really looking forward to are Revolution and Arrow. Arrow looks better every time I see it and Revolution looks worse. Still it should be worth watching.


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