Wednesday, June 06, 2012

#420. Horses (Possibly Flogged)

I've been writing a lot lately.  When I say that, I know there are some readers who are under that general impression of me, but what I mean is that I've been writing a lot at Sigild V.  That's my rather enigmatically named writing blog, where I write things and publish them to a fairly indifferent public.  But I don't mean to sound gloomy.  I write a lot anyway, so regardless of whether it's read or not, the point is, I like writing.  These things just happen to be available should anyone be foolish enough to be interested in them.  Several weeks ago, I completed the twelve-part "Who Killed Iron Joe?," which ties in with my Space Corps saga as well as Seven Thunders, the book I'll be writing a little later this year.  I followed that up with "Back from the Dead," another twelve-part story that deals with superheroes, as does my novel Cloak of Shrouded Men, which I will be making a greater to inform theoretically curious readers about soon, including an excerpt (you'll also note that my recent expanded archiving efforts include more labels, including one that highlights all the previous times I've gone on about it).  Both of these were done a chapter a day for twelve days.

Now I'm working on "Roadkill Cafe," a story I began earlier this year and am now going to be completing.  It's about humans and their relationship to animals (and sometimes flies), mostly cats and dogs (but sometimes foxes), and is sort of a light metaphysical fable, because that's the kind of stuff I sometimes write.  I've written several variations on a similar dog story (and if you explore all those links I provide you on the right, you might find one version of it, though it was never completed), but I'll be happy when this one's completed.  It's another twelve-part story, but has already gone well beyond twelve days (by several months), so it's just twelve chapters.  I kind of figure I should look for publishers a little more than I do (the Insecure Writers Group would love to hear more), but for now, Sigild is what I need.

I'm still writing "Star Trek '12" there, too.  I'm thinking of concluding the "DC Decades" project following "Roadkill Cafe."  I think I had a reader or two interested in that.

I'm still working on the Star Trek Fan Companion over at Fan Companion, too.  I'm still plugging away at episodes of Voyager, still in the second season, still trying to bring a fresh perspective to the franchise, maybe make a few things clearer than they've been (if you don't believe that, then you should read this review of "Threshold").  I'm still hoping that interest in these Star Trek thoughts will find an audience.

Comics Reader has an audience, and I think it's growing.  Anyway, I wish I could devote more time to it.  I'm currently slogging away at Essential X-Men Vol. 2, where I recently discovered the Factor Three epic from Roy Thomas may be an unacknowledged inspiration for X-Men: First Class.  Such things to discover!

And yes, I'm still doing poetry at Epistles from the New Fade, where I'm making a strong push toward a hundred poems, after some lulls in activity recently.  Thirty to go!


Michael Abayomi said...

I admire your devotion. If only I had the same level of will that you do, it wouldn't have taken me 6 years to write that epic fantasy. :(

But on the bright side, my greatest inspiration as a writer, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, also took J.K. Rowling 6 years to write. :)

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

Well, to be fair, it took me three years to write my first book, and it only happened that way because of NaNoWriMo, which gave me the pattern to follow on subsequent manuscripts, and the discipline to write shorter pieces on a regular basis.

Catherine Stine said...

Hi Roadkill Cafe sounds cool. I'll check it out over at S.

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

Awesome. It's a little more lighthearted than some of my other stories, but it's got a lot of metaphysical melancholy in it, too. Because I am weird.


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