Saturday, February 14, 2009

#191. Finnegan, Wrestling

I was just wondering what someone would think if they happened to stumble upon this blog. Oh, I don't be to belittle my beloved Theoretical Readers, either here or at my latest poetry blog, just that I was reading through my old colleague (at Paperback Reader and Dead Letter Quarterly) Derek Koch's Live Journal, and he seems to actually write about his life there. Weird! But I've been blogging longer, Koch!

One of my main projects at the moment has been compiling a reasonably complete record of the films I've watched in my lifetime, at least the one I've really cared to remember (favorably), which will eventually extend to a year-by-year best-of survey. Believe it or not, but I've got movies to cover every year to the '40s. I've seen my share of films, certainly not everything, and I've still got crazy ambitions, but I dedicated the last year to catching up with some of the most glaring omissions, which helped when completing the latest version of my favorite films at Lower Decks, where I made them suffer through a list of 300 (and yes, '300' was on it).

Anyway, enough of that. Another project has sort of supplanted the writing of The God-Slanter at the moment, a book that might actually get me some interest, one in a series of three, really, called Finnegan, stemming from my recovery of a dragon-ball at work last week. If it works out like I hope, soon all will know.

Or, I will revert to my previous plans for the dragon and simply throw it at coworkers. It's spring-loaded, opens on impact.

"Finnegan, attack!"

Oh, and WrestleView has been atwitter about the career and fortunes of Paul London, and for what it's worth, I'm in the lot with ECW recapper David Stephens (I think the ECW/Smackdown show I attended last year coincided with the first ECW he recapped), who will support London to the bitter end. Christian apparently made his big return on ECW rather than Smackdown, which to my mind is sort of appropriate. But he may prove himself out, or maybe just elevate ECW once and for all. Or maybe Jack Swagger will do that. Or Paul Birchall (ha! he's another Rodney Dangerfield. or Paul London). Personally, good luck to London in his future endeavors. I'm concerned once again for his former tagmate, The Brian Kendrick. Unless he can still parlay his exceptional matches last year with Jeff Hardy into something bigger (now that, y'know, Hardy has been heavyweight champion), I don't see his future matching his potential. Once again. Still, I'm excited for WrestleMania 25 in just a few short weeks now...

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