Sunday, September 07, 2008

#184. Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick, How I Got These Scars

Jeff Hardy and The Brian Kendrick had a terrific match on Smackdown this week, kind of justifying Kendrick in a title match tonight, just in case people were wondering. It's great thathe's finally getting his chance to shine, and that WWE is smart enough to give him an opponent he matches up with so well. Will Paul London get a chance like this? I doubt it. But at least one of them does.

Tomorrow's my last "Weekly," while Friday is my second "How I Got These Scars." I've got boatloads of things I'll be writing about in the new column, which is appropriate enough, while I'll still be keeping a log of the comics I read, if not stricty for the record then definitely for my own awards season. Change happens!

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