Saturday, April 19, 2008

#163. WrestleMania XXIV, ECW/Smackdown Taping, Al Pacino

Obviously, WrestleMania XXIV has already come and gone and I haven't actually written about the results, which I will hold off on until the DVD release next month.

Days after the release I'll be going to my second ever live show, a taping of ECW and Smackdown on May 27th at the World Arena in Colorado Springs. I will be able to confirm my irrational suspicion that Bobby Lashley will make his triumphant return at the show! (The Dominator is a native of the city.)

In literary news, I was amused to watch Al Pacino's Chinese Coffee, a movie he directed in 2000 with Jerry Orbach about a writer attempting to win his friend over with Al's character's third book, which basically apes everything about their relationship, including Orbach's character's past, which he isn't so pleased about. The thrust, however, is really a reflection of my cheery future as a writer, all the uncertainties that I'm enjoying even now. Pacino, you are an unwelcome god. :p

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