Monday, February 11, 2008

#158. Terror of Knowing, We'll See

If nothing else, my poetry is sustaining things for me at the moment. Terror of Knowing has been a really great time for me. Because of the way my work week is going to be (and it's not always like this), I'm going to be completing be sequence of one hundred poems within it by Friday, to relaunch the series of "Weblog Idylls" the next workday (because of how I've arranged things, I've only got access, on my laptop, at work) in a new blog called We'll See, taken from an anecdote in the film Charlie Wilson's War, which was another of 2007's fine cinematic offerings, slightly unheralded, unfairly. So this week, I'll be writing a sequence of poems called "Generational Divide."

So you've been warned!

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