Monday, January 07, 2008

#155. Colorado Springs, Poetry, Dead Letter Quarterly, Who Watches, Other Potential Stories

When last I wrote here, I was still in Burlington, MA.

Now, I'm not!

As it turns out, I moved to Colorado Springs at the start of last November, and after a little over two months, I may be starting to get a definite feel for the place. It's weird.

Terror of Knowing has been going strong in the meantime, with a good run of poems mostly under the banner of "Metaphysics", continuing a run from October that explores my concept of the world as it is and as I've been noting more and more. Dead Letter Quarterly, read hot at the time of my last post with submissions and other activity, has been viciously derailed by ailments to both my colleagues since November, during which NaNo was not completed by any of us. Yeah, first time in four years I can say that personally. The move completely wrecked my chances, but Who Watches, a Staged Man Chronicle (a character who appeared during Cotton's War), originally set to be a shot at publishing through my employer, Borders (deadline is January 1 for submissions), will go on. At some point. It's the Douglas Adams in me!!!

Once it's done, I'm thinking of Lulu.coming it, as DLQ is supposed to be, and Apropos: An Inquisition into the New World, a sort of anthology, will follow in like regard. I've also recently completely revolutionized an old story of mine, and once I write it, Harvest, or the Book of Eli will likely follow suit as well, unless people actually start buying my books, starting with The Cloak of Shrouded Men.

I will probably write back again soon, possibly with some fresh wrestling thoughts, and may even begin the Scouring Monk Recommends Reading feaure, which has been brewing for about half a year now.

You've been warned!

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