Saturday, October 02, 2004

#91. Raw House Show Results!

October 1, 2004, Raw Live at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, ME. Results!

Gene Snitsky def. Steven Richards
...The main thing about this match was that Richards used to be head of a group called...Wait a minute. No, that's not right. What was it again? Oh right, "Baby Killer." Gene came out and gave a little speech about how everyone's been ripping him on the incident with Kane and Lita (neither of which were there last night). This uy's another brute. I hope I spelled his name right...

Shelton Benjamin def. Simon Dean
...I made a sign saying "All About the Benjamin," and the only problem was the show was completely in the dark, except for the ring, and the entrance ramp when it was in use. But I still cheered for the former half of the World's Greatest Tag Team. Dean was a tailor-made house show heal. I some how doubt he'll rise beyond that. Shelton picks up a foregone win, and even performed the splash, which is what I was looking for.

Coach made his way out, did his thing. Molly follows him (I should add that the Fink was there to introduce each match. Go Fink!) and then...

Molly def. Victoria
...Dang! Did I mention I love Victoria? It was a good match, too.

Maven def. Mohammed Hassad
...I hope I spelled House Show Heel No. 2's name right, too. Good match.

La Resistance def. Rosey & the Hurricane and Eugene & William Regal
...Eugene was obviously in the spotlight here. He got the first pinfall, on Rosey to eliminate that team in this title bout. When Regal finally got in, he eventually got pinned by I believe Rob Conway. From my seats I couldn't really tell Conway and Sylvan Grenier apart, and they sort of mixed around towards the end. The French win!

Chris Benoit's "4 Real" shirts are blasted into the audience. None come remotely near my party. Then follows a fifteen minute intermission.

Tajiri &; Rhyno def. Val Venis & Chuck Palumbo
...Rhyno hits the Gore! Venis sees the most action for his team! Chuck's grown his hair again! And did I mention Tajiri pulled off the Tarantula quite early? Oh, and Val misses the Money Shot! Pretty good. Hard to miss with these guys.

Chris Jericho def. Christian via submission
...This Intercontinental title bout was of course a highlight of the evening. Tomko ("Cute Little Boyfriend" by Y2J's hysterical reckoning) was thrown out and this made it possible for Chris to eventually lock in the Walls of Jericho.

Chris Benoit & Randy Orton def. Triple H & Batista
...No Ric Flair! But the crowd was obviously pulling for Orton, with numerous chants of "RKO" throughout the match. He took his time after one engagement recuperating. This allowed Benoit plenty of action, plus the three German suplexes which are his trademark, not to mention the Flying Headbutt. Earlier in the day the Crippler appeared on a local radio show, where a caller was able to win a workout with him and ringside tickets by correctly identifying him as the Pegasus Kid in his Japan and Mexico early days. It was great seeing Triple H live, too, the posing and the spitting and everything. It was amazing to see him get tossed around. This was my first live wrestling experience. It was great, a different feeling (the face-heel formula was made all the more obvious), and seeing the wrestling in its purest form, no close-ups, no commentary, was something of a revelation. All told, it was a two-and-a-half hour affair, something to remember. I didn't bring a camera, though! And the program? A glorified picture book! I had to buy it to find out...But I'm not complaining.

Now, let's get Smackdown up here...

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