Tuesday, May 04, 2004

#81. RVD, Mr. Angle, Smart Marks

Stop the presses! RVD finally got a little bit of revenge last Thursday on Smackdown, and might finally be doing something productive for a change! His fellow frog splash afficionado, current WWE champion Eddie Guerrero, proved the selling point, and it looks like they'll be working together against the Dudleys, revitalized brutalizers. May this be the point Van Dam's career in WWE turns around. He pretty much deserves it.

Kurt Angle, GM, who now likes to be called Mr. Angle (in a vague reminiscence of Mr. MacMahon), returned, with a guy called Luthor as a bodyguard. I could be wrong, but Luthor could be Test, new hair color and snazzy outfitter included. Or he could be someone else entirely. Angle, meanwhile, has turned out to be an angry young man, his career "finished." I haven't been keeping up with my e-speak, so I don't know whether this is a shoot or not. It probably is, to put a little bit of the Raw magic on Thursday nights, just as the reverse was done with Chris Benoit. Torrie Wilson has become, inexplicably, the common link for Angel's transformation, as well as for Rene Dupree's challenge to John Cena and his U.S. championship. It seems Smackdown likes its women vulnerable and weak, the opposite of Raw (the reverse is pretty much true of cruiserweights).

Booker T continues down the road to confrontation witn the Undertaker, bringing the answer as to what this will lead to, for both of them, closer yet. Now, on to last night.

Matt Hardy finally has a story, but it's with Kane. Where else could this go besides guaranteeing Hardy some face time for a few weeks? Hopefully further, but that's never a sure thing with WWE. He did manage an appearance on Y2J's Highlight Reel, which at least puts Lita back in Jericho's sights, where she seems to end up frequently. But where was Christian, or for that matter Trish, this week? Who knows? Like I said, nothing's a sure thing...

Triple H continued to insert himself in Chris Benoit's business, this time interfering in his match against Shawn Michaels. It seems these three can't disconnect themselves from each other. Is it because there aren't enough competitors otherwise, or because they're still establishing Benoit as top dog? Give Christian, or heck Y2J a chance. When was the last time Jericho got that chance?...

It's exactly this kind of speculation that gets me thinking...Maybe i should just sit back and enjoy without thinking I've got to put in my two cents. Invariably the opinion becomes more negative the more I think it's my duty to comment on a given development. Things take time. If I'd spent the last four years worrying about whether Chris Benoit was ever going to be given a chance to run with the world heavyweight or WWE championship, I'd have run out of nails four years ago. I don't want to become a "smart mark," who ruins the entertainment wrestling is supposed to be because I grew too attached to what I thought should be happening. Bottom line is, win, lose, or no championship, these guys are putting on a show day in and day out. I know who I like. I know who I don't like. What happens in the ring, who gets what, is entertainment, maybe politics for those involved, but not for me. I don't want to miss what's happening because it's not what I would have done. The intrinsic value is in what I get from Triple H and his antics, Zack Gowan and his one-legged attempts at breaking into the business, Brock Lesnar flaming up and out, Eddie Guerrero learning to use his gifts to their fullest potential, Jerry Lawler hyperventilating over puppies. I love wrestling, period. Maybe I'll take a break from the Monk.

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