Sunday, April 20, 2003

#55. Invasion of the World Featuring the Ballad of Joe Starbucks

I think I have my favorite password for this site. No, I'm not going to say what it is. I just thought the thought was prescient. It was on my mind. Aren't you glad I have this site? I'm sure you are. What is it that I talk about, anyway? Absolutely nothing, and not in the good Seinfeldian way either. That is, unless you consider me a sufficiently wacky character. Then perhaps there is some worth to this intermittent babbling. Wouldn't that be reassuring?

If they were to elect a Big Man Blogger (or what have you), I suppose I'd have to do a lot of bribing...

I'm on the cusp of writing a story entitled "Invasion of the World Featuring the Ballad of Joe Starbucks." Previous to this, I have finished writing "Bizarro Lives," a wacky tale of Yoshimi the Japanese Immigrant Who Reads Horoscopes, and all I have to do is make sure nothing terribly obvious is wrong with it. They feed on that sort of thing, you know.

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